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Private Experiences

"Jack & Hill Adventures makes the experience very smooth, professional and fun!"

Milena Vujicic

Customer Meeting Point Manager, IKEA Group


This is PEAK season for us

& we are swamped!

*Do book with us way in advance so that we have the pleasure of hosting you.

All the remarkable encounters we offer are set in obscure, less-frequented, and frequently pristine terrains, necessitating your role as a conscientious traveler in order to partake.


In order to extend our hospitality and present you with the suggested experiences, we have invested over a decade of thorough investigation, numerous exploratory journeys, and arduous physical exertion.

We exclusively present the crème de la crème to our esteemed guests, ensuring that they can wholeheartedly immerse themselves in their communion with Mother Nature, unfettered by throngs of 3000 raucous individuals who tread upon delicate ecosystems, leaving behind refuse and portable sound systems in their wake.

These are our
Signature Experiences

These are our unique adventure experience that we host only with love and passion

The Pinnacle Fort Hike

An exhilarating hike to an abandoned fort that is adorned by a set of carved bastion rock-cut stairs at the summit.

The Hidden Nature Trail of Mumbai

A hidden forest trail lies right in the center of the city, home to wild boars, leopards & everything wild.

Cycling - Adventurous Islands of Mumbai

A mountain bike ride that takes you on an adventure in the unknown quaint northern coastal side of Mumbai

Lakeside Campsite

Our hidden 40 acre campsite that is surrounded by a lake on 3 sides and dedicated to nature & adventure

The Grand Panorama 

The prettiest hike in all of Maharashtra lies in our backyard

The Karjat South Hike

Our most popular hike so far that offers panoramic views over a ridge


Let us tailor something specific to your taste

Once you submit your enquiry, we will get in touch to understand your exact vision in mind, and if we can fulfil it while taking into consideration factors such as the mental & physical ability of every guest joining.

Customized Experience Enquiry

Join an upcoming 
Open Group Experience

Tiny Group Experiences hosted on pre-decided weekends

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