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The Hidden Nature Trail of Mumbai

is a trail for a child, adult, and even a senior.

Most importantly it's for one with a keen interest in everything alive in the forest

Led by our Naturalist & Wildlife Expert

We intend to still keep this Mumbai's best secret

Next Open Group Experience - 15th July 2023

This trail is the perfect trail for watching butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and other life forms that inhabit this forest.


Depending on season one can spot a variety of birds like Tickell's Blue, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, and much more.


Who is this trail for & Why

As mentioned at the start, this trail is for everybody. 
The walk is gradual and not tiring. It is covered with tree canopies and thus the walk stays very pleasant throughout.

Parents, we insist you bring your kids along. This walk is a great way to give your children their dose of nature in a very relaxed environment.

Birders / Wildlife enthusiasts, you do want to carry your pair of binocs. Last time, we saw a passel of wild boars apart from a bunch of birds.
Only if luck is on our side this time too. Fingers crossed 🤞

Anyone that wants to learn about Forest Flora & Fauna With our naturalist, you are in for a mindful of information. So stay fresh

Someone that wants to get outdoors in nature but take it easy
Apart from this being the most convenient trail in Mumbai in terms of travel time to the meetup spot, this is a very relaxed walk from start to end and is a great way to get some fresh air without tiring yourself.


The Plan

We meet at 7.15 am at Goregaon
(Exact Meetup GoogleMap Location will be shared a few days prior to the walk)
Parking is available.

After breaking the ice with introductions and a brief on the trail, we begin the walk

Throughout the walk, we will identify flora & fauna, along with elaborate conversation on the species.

The trail ends by 9.30 - 10 am 


Your role as a Responsible Adventurer

If you aren't aware yet, then you should know that we do our best to host our outdoor trips responsibly and reduce the detrimental impact on the environment.

Since the past few years, we have noticed how social media, irresponsible & over-tourism in the Maharashtrian mountains has ruined the great outdoors we have. A significant number of treks in Maharashtra receive thousands of irresponsible humans that cause severe environmental damage. 

In order to reduce the impact and not contribute to it, we host our experiences in lesser-known, hidden, or unexplored locations in the mountains.

When you do join us on this trek, there is a very strong request to keep the whereabouts of the location to yourself. 

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Open Group Experience: 15th July | Limited to Only 10-12 Guests 
Rs 1999 per head.


Private Experience Charges:



What we'll take care of

We will ensure that you have a great time with us in the mountains. We focus on a few things only:

1. Naturalist Guiding & Absolutely Professional Hosting

2. Super Safety

3. Keeping our experiences Exclusive & Small sized always

You will be hosted by a team led of certified Wilderness First Responders & Aiders. Get to know us & our certifications by checking out


What you need to carry

1 Packed Breakfast/meal
One that you can consume for breakfast at a cozy spot when we take a small break mid-trail.

1-2 liters of water

A Cap/hat

Clothing must be natural colors like brown, green or any other dark colors similar to that of the forest. Please refrain from wearing any bright colors as it will give our position away to any possible sightings.

A pair of binocs or your DSLR is great to have on a nature trail.

For other General Set of guidelines for Day Hikes, Click Here


You can drive down to the start point. Vehicle parking is available.
You can also easily Uber or Ola it. Coordinate will be shared a few days prior to the walk

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