Day Trek Guideliness

How to Pack and Prepare

Grab a small to medium-sized bag and put in items mentioned in our Essentials list. The less heavy your bag is, the easier your trek will be.

List of Essentials

- Cap
- Sunscreen
- 1-2 liters of water
- Raincoat
- Snacks and munchies to keep you high on energy
- Personal Identification
- Personal medication if any


A bad pair could turn your trek into a nightmare.
Over 5 years of hosting guests in the mountains, we have noticed that this is the most commonly overlooked item.

Wearing a good sturdy & durable pair of shoes is one of the most crucial elements to having a good trek.

Quite often people make the mistake of choosing to wear an old pair that they would like to get rid off, but that is one of the biggest mistakes one can make.

Check your shoes for possible wear and tear before you wear them.
Our personal preference is towards full ankle hiking boots.

Medical Conditions

If you suffer from any medical conditions, mild or severe, please bring it to our notice prior to the trek date, so that our Wilderness First Responder can advise you on joining and can take appropriate measures for your safety on trip.

The Right Clothing

  • T-shirt & shorts/full pants are ideal.
  • Ensure that you are comfortable in what you choose to wear and that the material does not restrict your movement while trekking and climbing.
  • Avoid jeans at all costs.
  • Full clothing is recommended.
  • Since it is the monsoons, we recommend dry-fit clothing.

Trek Attitude

Staying open minded, positive & faithful

A trek in the forest requires for one to stay positive and open minded at all times regardless of the situation. Mind you, this is not a picnic but a trek in the mountains. Mother nature could choose for the weather and environment to be tough or easy on us.

However it is important for us to stay grounded and keep our heads over our shoulders, to not panic and to keep confidence in the decision of your trek leaders.

COVID-19 Precautions

There is no doubt that outdoor recreation is the safest form of recreation during this pandemic.

However, just as our team will practise social distancing, we urge all our guests to take precautions against the spread of coronavirus seriously.

Kindly wear a mask & carry your personal hand sanitizer.
Our team members will also be following suit.

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