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Adventure Calendar 

All the remarkable encounters we offer are set in obscure, less-frequented, and frequently pristine terrains, necessitating your role as a conscientious traveler in order to partake.


In order to extend our hospitality and present you with the suggested experiences, we have invested over a decade of thorough investigation, numerous exploratory journeys, and arduous physical exertion.

We exclusively present the crème de la crème to our esteemed guests, ensuring that they can wholeheartedly immerse themselves in their communion with Mother Nature, unfettered by throngs of 3000 raucous individuals who tread upon delicate ecosystems, leaving behind refuse and portable sound systems in their wake.

Open Group Experiences

Open group experiences are experiences we host on pre-defined dates. They are open to all and are often limited to a group size of 8-12 guests max.


If you are looking for us to host you on a Private Customized Experience, Click Here

The Farm & Forest Forage

Our richest & most wholesome experience 

17th Sep 2023


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