The Farm & Forest  Forage

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This experience is for 12 Guests only 

We've always wanted to merge our outdoor experiences around the simple joys of farming.

Fortunately, with Shardul & Anuradha's help, we not only are happy to bring you a farming but also a unique forest foraging experience.

Hosted at an iconic Mud House in Virar

The Base Idea

​& what we intend to achieve
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Very rarely do we think about the source of the food that we consume. The modern Indian culinary palette is full of industrialized, hybrid and chemical induced produce. But the food of our grandparents told a different story. Indian cuisine was a celebration of native, organic, wild, traditionally grown and hyper local produce, and the soul of Indian cuisine was in India's farms and forests. 

Through this experience, we try to connect back to our farms and forests through the idea of food. Let's get back to learning how to eat healthy by sustainably foraging our meals from whatever nature has to offer! Let us learn what goes into producing our food and how can it be done sustainably.


Varadhast farms is a property designed around sustainable lifestyle principles. The idea behind the property is to establish a cyclic, zero waste, and holistic relationship with nature around.

The Experience


Getting your hands dirty on a chemical free farm designed with nature as an inspiration.


Helping in the farm work while learning about the various produce that is being cultivated.

Forest Foraging

Hunting for food that nature has provided without any human intervention whatsoever.


 Learning to identify seasonal and edible herbs, roots, flowers, leaves and fruits. And finally, tips on how to process the foraged produce into edible dishes.


- Meet between 7.15 - 7.30 am at our Virar spot

- Travel via our private vehicles from the parking area to farm
- Arrive at the property 

- Introductions, breakfast & a briefing of the day ahead

- Foraging for wild species within the farm property

- Cooking of foraged items under the guidance of the tribals

- Farming begins 

- Lunch

- Rest 

- HiTea

- Forest Foraging walk
- End our day at the farm house by 6-7 pm



Rs 2499

We have only 12 seats, so if you are interested in joining, you should grab these quickly.

Additional Inclusions

apart from the experience

 Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea, Private Transport

   (from Virar parking area to Farm 8kms) 

Your Hosts


The host couple, Anuradha and Shardul are both architects who work in the realm of sustainable practices.


Shardul is the co founder of "Design Jatra", an architecture firm which believes in environment-sensitive and community-centric Architectural processes and ecological architecture practice.


Anuradha runs her own landscape architecture practice which focuses on promotion and conservation of native biodiversity. The couple strongly believes in sustainable lifestyle and natural farming and are trying to set up their family in harmony with nature.

 Curated By

Jack & Hill Adventures
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We are extremely happy to create this experience with Shardul & Anuradha and most importantly be able to offer this as an experience to you. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

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