Cycling the Adventurous Islands of Mumbai

Duration: 6 hours

Group size: Up to 8 people
Includes: Bikes, Helmet, Breakfast, Refreshments, Tickets, Ferry Transport
Time: 6 am – 11 am

Rs 5999/-

per person

What you'll do

We’ll show you the hidden, quaint and scenic side of Mumbai on a mountain bike, a place even most residents of this busy city are completely unaware of. We’ll also ride to one of the largest meditation halls in the world known as the Global Vipassana Pagoda.

We begin our adventure with a short boat ride to a disconnected portion of the city that we like to call the adventurous islands of Mumbai. Our rides starts on a narrow road enveloped by widespread lush mangroves that give out the cleanest air you’ll find in the city.

(Mark our words) Soon, we reach the coast and from riding on tarmac we transition to off-road. This is where things begin to get adventurous.

We will be mountain biking to a secret hill-top spot from where the island can truly be appreciated. We then ride downhill to my favorite beach-side restaurant and have a scrumptious breakfast, sipping chai (Indian tea) and enjoying conversation.

After a hearty breakfast, we ride to The Global Vipassana Pagoda which is a meditation dome hall that has a capacity to seat around 8,000 meditators. Later we end our day not with another quick boat ride to the bustling side of the city.

What we'll deliver

An experience that we conduct with a 100% infectious passion

The highest standards of quality & safety in the country

Top notch Internationally certified Wilderness First Aid 

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