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The Grand Panorama Trail

Quick Glance

Distance from the center of Mumbai city in terms of time: 1.5 hours
Hike Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours one way (Short version) or 5 -6 hours in total (Longer version)

Difficulty: Easy for the Short version | Moderate for the Longer version
In a few words: Grand sights that display the best of the Maharashtrain mountains
Recommended for: Everyone from kids to the active elderly 

What you'll do

We will take you out to the prettiest & most panoramic spot in all of Maharashtra, a place on the immediate outskirt of Mumbai.

The trek begins with an easy-going stroll along the banks of a pristine lake before you cross freshwater streams and rustic villages.

The unending scenery of the green meadows on this trek is a surreal visual treat and much more than we can explain. The cool monsoon winds in the midst of the clouds and rain make this trek an experience to remember forever!

The hike route leads to a plateau that overlooks various waterfalls from neighbouring mountains.

Why we love hosting people on this hike apart from it being the prettiest nature-scape near Mumbai is that we can tailor the hike to every guest's physical ability.

For guests that would like to keep it easy-paced, we usually lead the hike for 1.5 hours one way over mostly flat & gradually inclined terrain up to a gorgeous vantage point and then turn back.

For individuals that are really up for a longer hike, we extend this hike to 5-6 hours of hiking.