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Lakeside Campsite

An experience we have been hosting since 2010

This trip is filled with various unending formats of experiencing Nature & Adventure

Imagine this

Nestled in the heart of the Sahyadri Forest and surrounded by a lake on 3 sides, this property is 40 acres of land dedicated purely to Adventure


Like all our destinations, we like to keep our locations a secret online. For now, we can however tell you that it is 3 hrs from Mumbai and located 60 kms from Lonavla.


The campsite is amongst the Top 5 campsites in the country

Due to its eco-friendly nature and design, the campsite has won numerous national awards and has a very symbiotic relationship with the landscape.


Over the 3 days we spend at this 40-acre property

Here's what you will do

All Pictures are from our trips hosted at this site



Kayaking & Lake Swims

Rock Climbing

Kayaking to an Island at night & pitching tents

Camp by the Lake & Experience a Cookout

Learn to Pitch your Tent & the basics of Camping

Night Herping & Wildlife Spotting

Walk around the property

Camp Accommodation

Stay will be in Cabins or Tents, as preferred

Tentative Schedule


Your Host

Our Founder Johann Daniels has been involved with this campsite since the past 14 years. He has in a way grown up in this campsite. On this trip, you will further see how we only choose to host our guests at places & experiences that we are most passionate about.


A little more about Johann

Johann has spent most of his life exploring the Sahyadri forest in Maharashtra.


Johann is a certified Mountaineer, and alumnus of Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering, Jammu & Kashmir. He is also one of the country’s very few Wilderness First Responders (WFR) and is trained by Wilderness Medical Associates International in New York, USA.


With a degree in B.Sc Zoology, he is an avid lover of snakes, birds, and everything wild. His passion & love for the great outdoors is certainly known to be contagious.

He is also a contributor to the Lonely Planet Magazine India and covers topics related to Responsible Tourism in the great outdoors.


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