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Lakeside Campsite

An experience we have been hosting since 2010

This trip is filled with various unending formats of experiencing Nature & Adventure

Imagine this

Nestled in the heart of the Sahyadri Forest and surrounded by a lake on 3 sides, this property is 40 acres of land dedicated purely to Adventure


Like all our destinations, we like to keep our locations a secret online. For now, we can however tell you that it is 3 hrs from Mumbai and located 60 kms from Lonavla.


The campsite is amongst the Top 5 campsites in the country

Due to its eco-friendly nature and design, the campsite has won numerous national awards and has a very symbiotic relationship with the landscape.


Over the 3 days we spend at this 40-acre property

Here's what you will do

All Pictures are from our trips hosted at this site



Kayaking & Lake Swims

Rock Climbing

Kayaking to an Island at night & pitching tents