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The Basics of Rock 

A Climbing Workshop

November onward

We've had a lot of inquiries for ClimbWithUs, but we later realized that a bunch of you require your first interaction with rock.

This workshop is so that we can introduce more people to the world of rock climbing.

Before you start to scale rock, you need to learn to feel rock, trust rock, hold rock and be one with rock.

This workshop is built with that in mind.

The Plan

We meet at Borivali at 7 am.
Exact location will be sent after sign-up. We prefer to not disclose our spots online.

Through the day, you will learn the basics of bouldering/rock-climbing and getting a grip on rock. Understanding it.

We conclude just after sunset and cherish the day while making most of the pretty sights at sea.

Our end goal is to get more climbing in for everybody



This experience is limited to only 12 fully vaccinated individuals.

#ClimbWithUs Members can utilize their membership to join without any additional cost

The fee of this workshop is Rs 1699/-

The fee covers your training, climbing chalk, access to safety gear - Crash pads and internationally certified Wilderness First Aid.

Bring along
Food/munchies/anything to keep your energy levels high
A pair of flat shoes

Who can join?

Everyone! The purpose of this workshop is so that everyone no matter what fitness, age or ability can give climbing their first go.


Come, meet rock!

Your role as a Responsible Adventurer

If you aren't aware yet, then you should know that we do our best to host our outdoor trips responsibly and reduce the detrimental impact on the environment.

Since the past few years, we have noticed how social media, irresponsible & over-tourism in the Maharashtrian mountains has ruined the great outdoors we have. A significant number of treks in Maharashtra receive thousands of irresponsible humans that cause severe environmental damage. 

In order to reduce the impact and not contribute to it, we host our experiences in lesser-known, hidden, or unexplored locations in the mountains.

When you do join us on this trek, there is a very strong request to keep the whereabouts of the location to yourself. 

Join our weekly Membership

 #ClimbWithUs is a regular climbing program aimed at giving opportunity to those that would like to climb on a regular & consistent basis with the J&H team


Call / WhatsApp us. We're always up to answer your doubts

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