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A Membership

This experience is open to only fully vaccinated individuals

If you've been following us, you'd know by now that we like to keep things very private


Especially our Climbing

In the past, we've chosen not to host people at our team climbing sessions because

1. We're extremely protective about our climbing & adventure spots (When you see natural damage as we have seen over the years, you'll understand)

2. Too many people causes causes more chaos and gives lesser climbing opportunity.


We've tweaked that

a bit by creating a membership

Taking up a membership makes you a part of our little community and allows you to join us on all our climbing adventures.

We climb every Sunday on natural rock, while bonus climbs are on Thursday on artificial indoor walls.

Climbs may be half-day or full-day, depending on how much is climbable in the area.

What does the Membership really give me

The membership will let you hang with the team and learn from us. It's a small circle and we intend to keep it small.

It will give you access to all our gear.
All our gear comes straight from the United States or the UK. We do not use any substandard gear or equipment that is not at par with international standards. We are proud to say that we use some of the best equipment in the world. 


It will give you the opportunity to learn climbing with us.


What does it cover

Your membership covers your time with us & access to our gear. It does not cover transportation to various climbing spots. For that, we may chip in as a group, use local transportation or you can drive/ride down.


The same goes for food. Once you do become a member, you become part of our little community, and we all chip in & share.

Where do we climb

Climbing spots are in & around the city. The majority of climbs will be on natural surfaces, while at other times, we will climb on artificial walls.
A good mix of both is good for training & getting a grip on learning climbing. Locations will be revealed privately after you sign up and a week prior to every climb.

What style of climbing

We love to try our hands at everything climbing wise. So, It will be a mix of bouldering, top rope, lead & indoor wall climbing. 


We climb every Sunday.

Bonus climbs happen on Thursdays. 

We are not climbing on 18th-20th March.
Climbing season is until the rains make their first appearance.

Schedule & Types of Memberships


Types of Memberships


Do I need to bring anything

Hydration: Water, munchies.

Once you do become a climber, you will want to own two-personal items:
1. Climbing Shoes 2. Harness


When you start off, for your first few climbs, you can join us in a pair of flat shoes or share our pairs. The same goes for the harness.

Once you've figured you want to get deeper into the sport, you will want to own your personal gear.

Don't get us wrong!

Honestly, we'd like everyone to get into climbing & get outdoors.
But with our extreme population density, viral destructive & irresponsible social media content, and the current state of civil sense, we don't trust humans and are not willing to take a chance.

Any damage to nature will take a few decades to reverse and we are not for that.


So, we opt to host only a few. And only a few that understand all of the above. 
So sign up only if you see eye to eye.



And why just maybe you shouldn't join us



* There are no refunds if you have not utilized your climbs.

As this is a new program, we do appreciate your feedback. Do feel free to get in touch with us.


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