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The Pearl of Palghar

14th Aug, 2022
21st Aug, 2022

This Hike is open to only fully vaccinated individuals

This is our 5th guided hike to this location.

An early morning hike to a lesser-known  mountain near Mumbai
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We recently discovered this new unknown or possibly lesser-known location. If you know us well, you would know by now that we are always on the lookout for mountains that have not yet suffered the impact of a1000 trampling humans.


As usual, we do not disclose the exact whereabouts of the location to protect it. We can tell you it is in the Palghar range - The exact location will be disclosed 2 days prior.

Distance from Mumbai (Bandra E): 95 Kms
Approximate travel time: Around 2 hrs from Bandra E.
We meet at the trek base at 6.30 am.

The distance from Mumbai may be a tad bit longer than many hikes around Mumbai, however, the fact that it is unexplored, isolated, and away from all the crowds makes it a very attractive proposition to us. 

Let us bask in mountain glory!

Your role as a Responsible Adventurer

If you aren't aware yet, then you should know that we do our best to host our outdoor trips responsibly and reduce the detrimental impact on the environment.

Since the past few years, we have noticed how social media, irresponsible & over-tourism in the Maharashtrian mountains has ruined the great outdoors we have. A significant number of treks in Maharashtra receive thousands of irresponsible humans that cause severe environmental damage. 

In order to reduce the impact and not contribute to it, we host our experiences in lesser-known, hidden, or unexplored locations in the mountains.

When you do join us on this trek, there is a very strong request to keep the whereabouts of the location to yourself. 

Basic Itinerary

- Meet at 6.30 am at the base of the mountain

- Hike up to the summit for 2 hours

- Relax & explore the vast summit area
- Open our meals atop

- Take a dip in the cistern if it still bears water

- Hike back down 
- Back in Mumbai by afternoon



Rs 2499/- per head
We have only 15 seats, so if you are interested in joining, you should grab these quickly.
Once your payment is made, you are confirmed for the trip


Booking Link at the bottom of this page.

What we'll take care of

We will ensure that you have a great time with us in the mountains. We focus on a few things only:

1. Absolutely Professional Hosting 

2. Super Safety

3. Keeping our experiences Exclusive

You will be hosted by a team led by Mountaineer & Wilderness First Responder Johann Daniels. You should get to know us better by checking out