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Raw, Immersive & Hands-On Mountain Experiences
2 Days & 1 Night of
Upcoming Batches

26th & 27th Feb

What is RUGGED?

Rugged is our way of sharing our passion & love for the great Maharashtrian outdoors in the rawest, unadulterated, and immersive form.

A group of 10 individuals learns to tread through back-country thick Sahyadri forest, with the objective of getting from point A to point B over a period of 2 days and 1 night.


A marked map, camping & survival gear, rations, and professional guidance are provided. The group learns to take multiple wilderness-based decisions to chalk their way through the forest.


Learn to take

Wilderness Decisions

Rugged is about venturing into the unknown with the expert team at Jack & Hill Adventures.

With Rugged, we intend to put our participants into the real shoes of the adventurer.


To become completely independent and confident in the forest setting.

Individuals will learn how to make crucial
decisions, how to tread through the forest, how to prepare, how to keep your head on your shoulder even when situations look terribly bleak.


Only for those

that choose to dare


Through Hidden thick back-country forest

Rugged will be hosted in the thick forest of the Sahyadri range. One of the key attributes of Rugged is that it will always be on an off-beat path.

We do not intend to thread or cross any popular trekking routes. We intend to be the only ones in the forest with minimal or no human interaction.

For those that would prefer specifics, we will be 2-3 hours outside the city of Mumbai.


We do not want to disclose online the exact location specifics as we want to protect that portion of the Sahyadri range from any sort of irresponsible tourism.


We want to maintain its sanctity.


Rugged is definitely not for the weak hearted.

It is for people that can find strength in themselves both physically & mentally. It is for people who are capable of facing uncertainty with a cool mind.

It is for people who are eager to learn how to exist & survive in an outdoor environment. It is definitely not a picnic but a raw outdoor experience.

 Who is RUGGED For?

What will you learn

Learn to choose & identify trails 
How to read maps & use a compass (Orienteering)
How & Where to pitch a tent
How to build a fire & stay responsible with it
How to conserve resources 
How to pack your backpack & distribute weight
How to plan for food & hydration
How to build team strength & stay motivated
Learn Leave No Trace Principles
How to prepare for a worst case scenario & conduct a rescue 

What's included

for 2 Full Days

What the first one looked like



Rustom Dalal

For those of you who love the outdoors and are looking to experience something new look no further. When Johann first shared the concept of rugged I was blown away. The trek over two days was such a great learning experience, all of us learned so much from both Johann and Samuel.

From reading maps to finding trails and so much more. I am so looking forward to the next Rugged trek

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Cost: Rs 10000/-

Early Bird Offer: Rs 6499/-

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Rugged will be led by our Founder who is also responsible for the conceptualization of Rugged.

With 13 years of experience in the Sahyadri forests, he likes to say that he has grown up exploring in these Maharashtrian forests.

Johann has completed his Basic Mountaineering Course at Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering, Jammu & Kashmir.

He is also one of the country’s very few Wilderness First Responders (WFR) and is trained by Wilderness Medical Associates International in New York, USA.

With a degree in B.Sc Zoology,  
he is an avid lover of snakes, birds, and everything wild.

His passion & love for the great outdoor is certainly known to be contagious. 

He is also a contributor at Lonely Planet Magazine India and covers topics on everything adventure in India. He prioritizes conversations on Responsible Tourism in the Great Outdoors.

Led by

Johann Daniels