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Private Customized Experiences
What & How we charge for

With our 15 years of experience in the great outdoors near Mumbai, you are certain to be in safe hands.

Our Team Members are certified Mountaineers & Wilderness First Responders that are proactively looking to ensure that your experience is safe.


Apart from that, all our Trip Leaders are absolutely great hosts and their goal is to ensure you have the time of your life. The art of hosting is one of our strongest attributes.


We work day in and day out to provide some of the highest standards of quality & safety in the country at par with International Leaders in adventure tourism.

We are certified by the following leading International institutions in the adventure space.

Wilderness First Responder & Advanced First Aid training & certification by

  • National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) - USA

  • Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMA) - USA

  • Hanifl Centre -accredited by the Association for Experiential Education, USA.

Mountaineering training & certification by

  • Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering & Winter Sports - Jammu & Kashmir

  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) - Darjeeling

Wildlife training & certification by 

  • Wildlife Institute of India (WII) - Uttarakhand

National Outdoor Leadership School

What you are really paying for

At Jack & Hill Adventures, we dedicate ourselves tirelessly to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety in the country, comparable to international leaders in the adventure tourism realm. To ensure exceptional experiences, we prioritize the following key aspects:

  1. Exclusivity
    We intentionally limit the size of our groups, as we firmly believe in the value of quality over quantity. Drawing from over a decade of hosting outdoor experiences, we have learned that smaller groups tend to be happier and, more importantly, safer. Your time spent with us in the great outdoors is of utmost importance to us. Interestingly, a significant portion of our guests are solo travelers, and we take pride in maintaining a balanced gender ratio, often with a distribution of 70% women to 30% men.


  1. Anti-Crowd Locations
    We meticulously curate our trails, deliberately avoiding crowded and uncomfortable environments. Our aim is to safeguard your interaction with nature from the disruptive presence of large crowds, where thousands of individuals clamor unnecessarily, causing disturbance and detracting from the sanctity of the natural surroundings. We refuse to lead you to mountains marred by litter or plagued by individuals blaring music through portable speakers. Your time in nature holds tremendous significance for us, forming the very essence of our mission.

    Over the years, we have invested substantial effort, spanning more than a decade, in comprehensive research, exploratory expeditions, and demanding physical endeavors to ensure the trails we offer meet our exacting standards. This is what you invest in when you choose us.

*While we strive to provide you with solace and guide you through hidden or lesser-known mountain routes, we must acknowledge that we cannot guarantee complete exclusivity due to the ever-changing circumstances. Nonetheless, we exert our utmost efforts to minimize external influences and ensure it is primarily our group occupying the mountains.

  1. Professional Hosting by Certified Mountaineers:
    With 13 years of experience in the Western Ghats, this region is our expertise. Your trip leaders are not only seasoned and knowledgeable but also trained and certified by globally recognized outdoor institutions.

  2. Internationally Recognized Wilderness First Responder Safety:
    As trained wilderness rescuers, we possess certifications acknowledged worldwide. We have received training from esteemed organizations such as NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and WMA (Wilderness Medical Associates). Our commitment to ensuring your safety in the wilderness remains unwavering.


Down to the brass tacks

To host you, our day begins much earlier than the experience time & normally between 3-5 am and ends between 3-7 pm.

For Solo Guest: Rs 19999 
For 2-4 Guests: Rs 9999 per head

For 5-7 Guests: Rs 8999 per head
For 8-10 Guests: Rs 7999 per head

To cover separate transportation of the guide/guides to the trek start point & back from the city, an additional fee of Rs 4500 is charged which goes purely towards hiring a private vehicle. This fee can be waived off if the client can accommodate the guide/guides in their vehicle. 

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