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Moving with Fins

A stream snorkeling experience + Nature Trail 

Next Open Group Batch on:

3rd July 2022

10th July 2022

You may also Book this as a Private Experience at your convenience.

*All our experiences are limited to a max of 12 Guests only

About the Experience

Here's an experience you've never heard of.

Join us on a stream snorkeling experience to savor the underwater world in a crystal clear stream close to Mumbai.


This experience is led by our Wildlife Expert Shubham Yadav who is also an aquatic life scientist currently pursuing his PhD in the same sphere.

We begin the day with a nature trail spotting birds, insects, plants, and other wildlife on the trail that leads to the water-body.

At the pond, Shubham will introduce you to the changing world of freshwaters ecosystems where you will find yourself immersed in the beauty of underwater life. You will see shades of camouflage, sparkling colors that usually go unnoticed & intricate patterns on aquatic life that will leave you amazed. 

Come on over for an enriching day with us!



As usual, we do not disclose the exact whereabouts of the location to protect it. We can tell you it is in the area of Hotel Fountain on the Ghodbunder Road. The exact location will be disclosed 2 days prior.

Why we don't disclose locations online

& more on Responsible Outdoor Tourism

If you aren't aware yet, then you should know that we do our best to host our outdoor trips responsibly and reduce the detrimental impact on the environment.

Since the past few years, we have noticed how social media, irresponsible & over-tourism in the Maharashtrian mountains has ruined the great outdoors we have. A significant number of treks in Maharashtra receive thousands of irresponsible humans that cause severe environmental damage. 

In order to reduce the impact and not contribute to it, we host our experiences in lesser-known, hidden, or unexplored locations in the mountains.

When you do join us on this trek, there is a very strong request to keep the whereabouts of the location to yourself only.


The Plan

  • 7.15 am - Meet at trail start, introductions & briefing

  • 7.30 am - Trail begins

  • 10.30 am- Experience ends



Rs 1̶9̶9̶9̶   1699 per head.

We have limited seats and will host only a max of up to 12 guests.  If you are interested in joining, you should grab these quickly, especially during the monsoon.

Once your payment is made, you are confirmed for the trip

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