17th Nov

Location: Thane

Duration: Full day | 7.30 am to 11.30 am

Approxr Tekking Time: 1.5 hrs one-way

Trip USP:
A nature trail at the Thane side of SGNP.

Cost: Rs 1199

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About the experience

A wildlife spotting event for our friends in Thane!

It’s the rainy season and there’s no better time to unwind and explore the Yeoor Hills, located in the eastern side of SGNP.

It is home to some of the most varied species of butterflies, insects and birds in the city. Listen to the sound of different birds chirping, walk through water streams and enjoy the rains amidst trees.

If you’re lucky you may even get to see small reptiles and mammals. This nature trail is suitable for all nature lovers; children or adults. So, grab your raincoats and tighten your shoes as it is going to be a perfect place to spend the weekend with your children.

About Yeoor Hills:
Yeoor hills is a buffer zone. It is located at the other end of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and lies just a few kms away from Thane. The area is popular for nature lovers, for children’s education trips, nature walks and bird watching.

In association with NIC, SGNP
This trail is conducted in association with the Nature Information Center (NIC). The NIC plays the vital role as an educational arm of the SGNP management. The NIC organizes activities like nature trails, bird-watching excursions, butterfly watches, treks and overnight camps led by experts

Nikit Surve

This trek is guided by our Wildlife Expert Mr Nikit Surve, who also happens to be the man responsible for Mumbai’s leopard Census conducted in both 2015 & 2019 within the national park. He is also a Sanctuary Asia Awardee & a Tedx Speaker. Read more about his work here: http://bit.ly/1MsqHbI

With Nikit Surve’s guidance and presence on this trail, one stands to experience and learn much in detail about the wondrous wildlife specifically in the SGNP forest. His deep understanding of the SGNP forest and its inhabitants will make this trial an enriching experience for any nature lover.

Trip Itinerary

– Meet at Sanjay Gandhi National Park Thane Entrance at 7 am
– Introduction & briefing
– Trail begins
– Exploring & learning about the surroundings as we walk through the forest, the flora and fauna.
– Light Breakfast midway
– Trail ends by 11 am


– Wildlife Expertise
– A wholesome breakfast from our friends at Cafe Miranda
– Forest Trail Entry Ticket
– Our team of trained Trek Leaders
– First Aid

To ensure we maintain a high quality wildlife & outdoor experience while keeping safety at core, we have limited the group size to 15 individuals.

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Additional Info

Difficulty Level

This nature trail is open to all. Children, Nature lovers, Wildlife Photographers, everyone can jump onto this bandwaggon. The trail is an easy grade trail and is also known to serve as a great introductory trail for beginners.


The trail is a 2 hr walk one way with short breaks in between. For children, we recommend this for kids of 10 years and above.

What to carry

A sturdy pair of shoes
1-2 Litres Drinking Water
Mosquito Repellent
Binoculars & Camera (Optional but highly recommended),
Most importantly, bring loads of enthusiasm

What to wear

Dress comfortably. Avoid wearing a pair of jeans at all cost and wear clothes that will not restrict your body movements while hiking.


Do not wear bright colours. Wear colours that camouflage with the environment like black, brown, dark green, etc.

Limited Group Size

To ensure we maintain a high quality wildlife & outdoor experience while keeping safety at core, we have limited the group size to 15 individuals.

Medical Conditions

If any of the guests have a medical condition or physical disability of any sort, it must be brought to the attention of Jack & Hill Adventures before booking the activity.


In- case of a heavy downpour of rain, wildlife sightings will be considerably lesser. However, the trail and trek shall continue as planned.

Booking & Cancellation

50% Cancellation Fee will apply if your booking is cancelled 5 days prior to the event.


100% Cancellation Fee will apply if your booking is not cancelled within 5 days to the event.


To cancel your booking, send us an email on info@jackandhilladventures.com


This is a limited capacity event. In case, there aren’t enough bookings for the same, the event might get cancelled. However, your money will be refunded in this scenario.


Are you hesitant about anything mentioned here. Consider getting in touch with us in real time.

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