A Nature Trail to Mumbai's Highest Point

Duration: 6 hours  Group size: Up to 8 people
Includes: Food, Forest Tickets & Permits, Transport
Time: 7 am – 1 pm
INR 6000 / 84 USD
per head
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What you'll do

Join us a on a wildlife oriented hike to Mumbai’s Highest Point.
This trail is located in the core of the Mumbai’s 104 sq km national park called Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
On this trail, you will be hiking to a place called Jambulmaal, that is located at a staggering height of 468 meters (1535 ft) above sea level within the park. At the top of Jambulmal, one witnesses an absolute amazing view of Tulsi and Vihar lakes along with a panoramic view of Powai to Dahisar.
With our wildlife expert’s guidance and presence on this trail, one stands to experience and learn much in detail about the wondrous wildlife specifically in the SGNP forest. This trial is bound to be an enriching experience for any nature lover.
As a complimentary experience from us, we will take you to the Kanheri Caves post hike. The Kanheri Caves are a group of caves and rock-cut monuments cut into a massive basalt outcrop in the forest of SGNP. They contain Buddhist sculptures and relief carvings, paintings and inscriptions, dating from the 1st century BCE to the 10th century CE.
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What we'll deliver

We only conduct experiences that we are extremely passionate about

We train to the extent that we can only provide the highest standards of quality & safety in the country

We are few of  the only trained Wilderness First Responders in India certified by Wilderness Medical Associates International, USA

What's included

A packed breakfast

Forest Entry tickets
Special trail tickets & permits

2000 year old Kanheri caves tickets
Professional Safety
We are trained Wilderness First Aiders & Mountaineers certified by Wilderness Medical Associates International & Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering

Local transport within the park from main gate to trail start point and back.

You may also upgrade your transport with a Private AC Car pick-up & drop at INR 4000 for a min group size of 2-4 guests

Where you'll be

You will be in the center of the city & within it’s globally popular national park.
The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is notable as one of the major national parks existing within a metropolis limit and is one of the most visited parks in the world.
The rich flora and fauna of Sanjay Gandhi National Park attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Tourists also enjoy visiting the 2400-year-old Kanheri caves sculpted out of the rocky cliffs which lie within the park

Where we'll meet

We’ll meet at the entrance of the park at 7.15 am
Google Map location below:

Difficulty level

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The difficulty level of this trek is MEDIUM, however this varies from person to person. Most of the trek consists of wide trails; some patches have natural rock-cut steps and a few small boulders. Participants must be ready to walk uphill for a maximum of 2 and a half hours, downhill is about an hour. There will be stops during the trek for rest and re-hydration.


If you haven’t been on a trek, you should know that there is a lot of walking. Moderate treks begin to present more of a challenge to first time trekkers. So, these treks are suitable for any walker looking for something that is a little more challenging and energetic. However, we believe that the best views come after the hardest climbs. The payoff is always equivalent to the effort. At every summit, you are welcomed to the most majestic views & at the end of every trek, you learn that you are taking back home lifetime memories.

How do I prepare


We cannot stress enough on the importance of a wearing a good pair of shoes on hikes.
Ensure you wear a pair that can handle hilly terrain & something you can definitely rely on.

Camouflaged clothing

Camouflaging sportwear is recommended. Please do not wear any bright colours. Colours to choose from are black, green, brown and similar dark colours.

Jeans are highly not recommended.

Ensure that you are comfortable in what you choose to wear and that the material does not restrict your movement while trekking and climbing. Full clothing is recommended to avoid direct contact with plants and trees that might cause an itch.

How to pack

No.1 Rule of trekking is Pack Light.
Grab a small to medium sized bag and put in items mentioned in our Essentials list. The less heavy your bag is, the easier your trek will be.


Carry 1-2 litres of water

Sun Protection

Carry a hat and sunscreen.

The journey down will be sunny. Check forecast here

Things to keep in mind

Medical Conditions

If there are any medical conditions that we should be aware about, kindly let us know before you proceed with a booking.

Cancellation policy

50% Cancellation Fee will apply if your booking is cancelled 7 days prior to the experience.

100% Cancellation Fee will apply if your booking is cancelled within 7 days from the experience.

To cancel your booking, send us an email on info@jackandhilladventures.com

Guest requirements

Guests must be fit to climb up a mountain.

This is a 2.5 hr hike going up while coming down is shorter. The hike can be considered between easy to moderate grade.

Minimum Guests Required

A minimum of 2 guests are required to conduct this hike.

For any special requests, please get in touch with us via email.