Customized Private Trek Rate-card

Base Rate

Our base rate is Rs 16,000 per day for a Group of up to 6 people.
For every additional group member, a charge of Rs 2000 will be levied.

Team Transportation

To cover separate transportation of the guide/guides during Covid-19, a fee of Rs 4000 is added unless alternate transportation can be arranged for the team members by the client.

What we charge for
A 100% Safe & Super High Quality Experience

Our Team Members are certified Mountaineers & Wilderness First Responders that are proactively looking to ensure that your experience is a 100% safe. Apart from that, our team members are absolutely great hosts and their goal is to ensure you have the time of your life.

At Jack & Hill Adventures, we strongly believe that we provide some of the highest standards of quality & safety in the the county at par with International Leaders in adventure tourism.


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